Monday, 18 May 2015

Video playthrough of Troll Song: Verse One - Completely Stoned

Sorry about the lack of updates recently - life gets in the way of #gamedev sometimes - but I thought you might like to know that a group of devs have started doing video playthroughs of other indie titles, and they've just played Troll Song: Verse One.  It's in 2 parts (length 15:40 and 21:10), and you can view them here:

Always nice to get a bit of extra exposure.  Not quite so nice to notice bugs that our intensive testing failed to pick up in these vids though!! :-O  It's always interesting to hear what others think of the game, more so as they're fellow devs and especially as they're not particularly adventure game fans.

Troll Song's development has been funded by HYPER, the cryptocurrency of gamers.

Troll Song

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