Monday, 30 March 2015

Poll Results

Apologies for the lack of updates but I've been - and still am - rather ill atm.  Should resolve fully in another few days (I hope!).

Anyway, we asked how long it took people to complete Verse One, and got the whole range of results back.  2 said less than half an hour, 1 said 30-45 minutes, 2 said 45-60 minutes, 1 each said 60-75 minutes and >75 minutes.  With no specific mathematical or scientific equation applied, I think our benchmark of "about an hour" seems good enough.  Might add one or two little extra bits to Verse One in the full game's release, but don't worry, not all verses are of equal length - the full game should certainly take more than 5 hours to complete!

In the meantime, the AGS Awards 2014 have been and gone.  Now obviously Troll Song wasn't eligible with even the freeware Verse One not released until the start of 2015, but in any case, the Clod and Rokk avatars were in very popular use after the official ceremony had finished!

I've also updated the Release Date page of this site.  Much as we'd have loved to bring you the finished game this year, it just wasn't possible in the end.  Currently we are aiming at December 2016 (we have scheduled things in such a way that any future changes are more likely to be bringing the date forward than pushed back again).  For now, December 2016 seems a realistic date to aim for.

Troll Song's development has been funded by HYPER, the cryptocurrency of gamers.

Troll Song

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