Saturday, 7 February 2015

More Feedback

Got some lovely comments on the AGS Games Page and after 11 people have rating, it's pushed our overall ratings up enough to get us the coveted 5 Gold Cups. :-)

Other comments:

"There's a dignity and strength to this Troll that immediately grabs the player. I felt like I was part of the quest and that I had a good reason to accomplish it. The game is very well written for a team of Trolls (joke) and the voices superb. It's really fun to play this game and I can't wait to play the rest of it! Good job guys!"

"Brilliant - fun and unique, great voice acting and characters, really looking forward to the full version!"

"Unique take on traditional adventure game puzzles. Also, the voice acting will make you more immersed into Troll Song. This is just a verse one, but still worth playing, if you have free time, since its relatively short but still fun experience. :)"

"A wonderful and quite touching first chapter of what will hopefully one day be a ground (or rock) breaking full game. It will be if the quality present in this first part is maintained throughout the whole anyway."

"Charming little introductory chapter into what looks to be a very interesting story! The art was consistent with nice animations, there was a great pacing to the game overall. Looking forward to the next verse."

"original puzzles, intriguing history, beautiful troll singers"

We are busy working on Act III, plus a couple of little additions to Act I and a couple of bug fixes / tweaks for Act I.  Also going to add a poll in a minute due to some other feedback...

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