Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Introducing Troll Song's Official Sponsor

HYPER is the cryptocurrency for games – it’s being used as in-game currency, and also to support development of games – which is where it enters the Troll Song story.  We have not been keen to run a crowd-funding campaign, as that would inevitably take time away from us actually developing the game (plus of course there is no guarantee that it would be successful. Especially for the sort of amount that would make it possible to quit work and recoup the development time lost due to working on the funding campaign).  But, a little extra dosh is always a help of course.   None of the main dev team are exactly rolling in it, though we have plenty of debt to pay back, and the dream for at least 2 of the 3 of us is to become full-time indie devs.  The funding from HYPER, especially if HYPER rises against Bitcoin and Bitcoin rises against USD, could become very helpful.  Though obviously we will need to finish making the game and sell plenty of copies before we can even begin to contemplate leaving our day jobs!

·         Official Website
·         Intro Video
·         Buy HYPER on Bittrex
·         HYPER on Twitter
·         How to buy HYPER with USD
·         Note - HYPER has been added to Whitepuma for easy tipping in Twitter and Coinpayments and is accepted at over 9000 merchants worldwide

Just to allay your fears that Troll Song is somehow going to be a game full of product placement… it isn’t.  HYPER's sponsorship will be mentioned at the start of the game and in the game credits, with possibly a splash screen on game load, but the game itself isn’t going to be changed in any way because of the sponsorship.  It will still be the game you know and (hopefully!) love. 

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