Saturday, 13 December 2014

So... where are we now?

Sorry for the lack of posts just recently, preparing for and attending Adventure-X 2014 took up a lot of my free time last week, this week it's been back to work, spending time with the family, and just trying to keep things moving...

Truth is, I was hoping to have our new teaser trailer for Troll Song to show you as well.  However whilst it's basically done, we're just refining it a bit more - it's more important to release it when it's as good as we can make it than just as quickly as possible.  So... that will be soon.

Meanwhile, we're polishing up Verse One ready to send for final testing before we release is as freeware.  Oh, and as you might have noticed a few days ago, we have launched a G+ page for Troll Song.  Act III is being planned and the final music tracks for Act II should be with us soon.

Oh, we also had another nice mention on a gaming website, with at least one more promised in the near future.  If however you're reading this and run your own blog or whatever, we're really appreciate it if you would give us a mention - the press materials are readily available (and soon to be expanded!).

I really hope to be able to show you the new teaser trailer soon - it's so much more professional than previous ones we've released!  (I've really learned a lot about writing an effective trailer script over the last couple of years...)  I hope (and am relatively confident) that you will approve once you see it. :-)

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