Sunday, 16 November 2014


I posted recently about the number of sprites and animation frames that we already have in the game - but today, I'm going to tell you that to date, we have 71 different sound effects in the game.  Since starting to get seriously involved in game design, I have had fun learning how to effectively edit sound effects to my own ends - as the original source recordings are often not readily available (or at least not royalty-free for commercial projects), a bit of imagination can go a long way.  With the right fiddling around with pitch, bass/middle/treble settings and suchlike, an egg cracking back become stone breaking, rushing water can become lava, wood splitting can become an avalanche, that sort of thing.

The thing about SFX is, they're practically never mentioned.  I found this out mainly by doing the sound effects for Andrea's excellent retro arcade racing game Red Hot Overdrive.  Tons of praise for the game, graphics, music, retro appeal, programming, everything apart from the SFX!!!  Not that I'm hurt (well, not much... sniff...).  When you play a game I guess you just take the sound for granted - when you've developed and tested a game before the SFX are put in, you really notice the difference they make to a game.

Oh well... hopefully at least no-one will say the SFX in Troll Song are bad - if anyone mentions them at all it'll be remarkable!  But, now you know... they ARE there. :-D   Shout-out to Goldwave btw, the sound editor I use - I know loads of people love Audacity, partly because it's free, but the $45 I spend on the Goldwave lifetime licence was well worth it.  

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