Monday, 24 November 2014

New poll

Okay guys and gals - here's the question.  We are working away on Troll Song as you know, and Verse One - which will be released as a standalone freeware game, replacing the current demo (which does not really represent the game's final quality).  At various stages I have been itching to release this as the earliest opportunity, whilst at others have been holding back (or urged to hold back) until close to the full game's release.  

I'm still wrestling with the opposing impulses to be honest.  So I thought I'd throw it open to you, those who are interested enough in Troll Song's development to keep tabs on the dev blog - I mean, it's you who will (hopefully!) be playing the freeware game and then buying the full game, so it really should be your right to choose.

So I've set up a poll at the top of the page and would like you to let me know, would you like Verse One released as soon as possible, or at a certain time period before the full game is to be released?  Verse One will contain the escape of Clod and his buddies from the cave, and an introduction to the larger storyline of the game.  It gives a good introduction to the game and some of its features, such as the built-in hint system.

See?  Even Clod isn't sure what decision to make.

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