Thursday, 4 September 2014

Poll Results and Update

So we'd asked you about whether you'd be likely to help fund us if we did a crow-fundraiser, and the result was positive overall - 60% said YES (2 only if we used Kickstarter), while the other 40% said MAYBE.  However despite the positive response, seen we only had 10 voters, it's hardly left us feeling confident about the idea in terms of having enough people interested in the game to make a funding campaign viable... so we'll just plod on with making the game as quickly as we can in what precious little free-time we have, for now.

In terms of Troll Song's development, Verse One is complete (apart from some voicing), and Verse Two is in production as we speak.  We've looking at having a lot of variety in the game and different types of puzzles, so while Verse One slowly introduces Clod's verb-based GUI, and when you meet another character who starts following you, there's an extra GUI to use, once you start Act II you will use a further two different GUI's!  We're trying to make a game that has plot and character development continuity, but is constantly presenting you with surprises and new challenges.  It's all working out well so far and we've had very positive feedback from our beta testers.

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