Monday, 12 May 2014

Troll Song featured at Svilupparty game developer conference in Bologna, Italy

Unfortunately it didn't get up on the big screen, as Andrea only had one slot and quite understandably wanted to showcase his own pet project, "Tales".  (If you haven't already, do yourself a huge favour and download the demo, it's awesome - and getting some of the highest ratings I've ever seen on the AGS games page!)   He was able to showcase Troll Song at his display PC though, and said that everyone loved it (maybe just as well we're planning an Italian translation at some stage!).

In other news testing continues, we're adding new features to the GUI, almost all the voicing is done, and we've had yet another 5-star rating on GameJolt, where the Troll Song: Verse One Demo has just reached 700 downloads.  (Slightly annoying though that on the AGS Games Page for the Troll Song demo, we still haven't had 5 people rate the game so there is still no average rating!  If any AGS forum members see this and fancy rating the game...)

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