Friday, 2 May 2014

Testing Status and GameJolt Request

Currently we're on the 5th iteration of our test build, with feedback from all 4 testers.  The next iteration will probably be the release candidate (this is for the pitch demo not the completed Verse One, though it's about two thirds of Verse One's content).  No-one has found any game-stopping bugs, which is always good! :-)

Also, if anyone's reading this and is on GameJolt, it'd be great if we could get a few more people rating and / or following the game - out "Voltage" is currently 87.6 (strangely, exactly the same right now as one of my other games there, Eternal Chrysalis).  So, if you'd like to see us stretch past 90, and maybe even get to the 1st page of games in the Adventure category by rating, please visit the Troll Song GameJolt Page and Follow the game or Rate it.  Cheers! 

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