Wednesday, 7 May 2014


One of the few things about the build we have at the moment is my own voicing - it's just not good enough, plus because I don't have a naturally deep voice I need to put it on and / or apply digital filters to the speech after recording to make it deeper.  I decided to find someone with a naturally deep voice (and more talent for voice acting than I have myself!) to voice Clod.  That person turns out to be Jesse Lowther (check out his website).  He's a great fit for the character, and his voicing is going to make the game even better.

Testing is otherwise going very well, in fact the only major bug we've had to clean up is one that all of our testers missed and Jesse happened to find!  Once we have all the voicing in and the final bit of cut scene music finished by our wonderful composer Eric Galluzo, one final set of testing before we approach a publisher and try to get money out of them. :-D  As always, the money thing will be the hard part... (One way or another we will get this game finished, but it will be a lot quicker if we get funding.  Crowd fundraising is an option, but not our preferred one as it will mean we need to devote time to that instead of development itself.)  Anyway, we shall see... 

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