Monday, 3 March 2014

Exciting news, Troll Fans!

Yes, after a long and wearisome search, I think we've found our new artist.  But first, let me introduce our new programmer...

Presenting... Dualnames!

Dualnames is extremely well-known in the AGS community, having contributed in some way to a mighty 27 AGS games, perhaps best known for his pet project, the  Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Remake (a graphical remake of the ancient Infocom text adventure).  I interviewed him way back in 2009 about this remake and other stuff.  Jim is a man of many talents, and he will soon be able to include making games about trolls among them.

Now for our artist...

Presenting... AprilSkies!

A relative newcomer to the AGS forums, AprilSkies has only made one game with AGS to date.  However the game in question - Donald Dowell and the Ghost of Barkwell Manor - was pretty fantastic, and has been nominated in no less than 12 categories of the AGS Awards 2013!  If you're an adventure game fan, you owe it to yourself to try this game - it's already been downloaded over a thousand times (something Troll Song has yet to achieve, though to be fair it is only a demo, and a very short demo at that) - you can get it here.

Take a look at the screenshots from Donald Dowell below... I think the style is going to fit nicely with the graphics Tino has already done (play of course AprilSkies will be trying to use the same style anyway, but actually to me they look reasonably similar already).

So this means we;ll get the Verse One: Completely Stoned finished really soon, right?  Well... wrong.  What it does mean, however, is that we will be working on the game once again, and that we will begin to make real progress once more.  At this stage I'm not willing to commit to any time frame, with other big projects such as Captain Disaster in Death Has A Million Stomping Boots and The Journey of Iesir (though the latter is likely to be released under a different name... you heard it here first!  Well, maybe you did.).

Still, now that we have a team and we will be forging ahead with Troll Song, I will most definitely be updating this blog more frequently to let people know what's going on, because it does seem to have been a popular demo so far.  If you haven't played the demo yet you can get it from GameJolt.

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