Friday, 5 April 2013

Ratings Drive

On the AGS forums we've been talking about having a ratings drive - getting more ratings to games on the database, especially those who don't have enough for a combined rating (5 or more votes).  Typically a game can get hundreds, maybe even thousands of downloads without even getting a single rating - work is being done to make the process more visible, and try to encourage more people to rate (personally I'd been downloading and playing AGS games for years before I realised and started rating them).

Anyway, the point of all that is - the Troll Song Demo still doesn't have a combined rating, so if you're an AGS forum member (or willing to create an account quickly in order to rate), I'd be really grateful if you could visit the AGS games page for the Troll Song Demo and leave a rating, perhaps even a comment as well, letting us know what you thought of it.  (I know it's a very short demo, but people seemed to like it!)

Yeah... look, I can't really rate it myself can I?  I may be a little biased!! :-D

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