Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Troll Song Demo reviewed on Adventure Gamers

A nice review of the demo has appeared on AdventureGamers.com.  Among the things they said about the demo are:

"Clod himself is a bulky character with a prominent eyebrow, coloured entirely in a rock-like grey. He is smoothly animated, with his dangling limbs and shambling walk befitting a troll. The game is fully voiced to a good standard and features an orchestral soundtrack as well."

"Whilst this debut episode is short, it serves as a good introduction to the character of Clod and the humorous tone that is also reminiscent of early LucasArts games." 

"Clever use of the varied actions, as well as a limited inventory, will see Clod reach freedom, with a final piece of concept art promising more in an ongoing story."

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