Saturday, 5 November 2011

Troll Song - a new adventure game series in development

It all started when I saw a post on the AGS forums bemoaning the fact that yet another game was coming out featuring a pirate as the player character.  It got me thinking about what sort of characters haven't been exploited very much in adventure game scenarios - pirates, spacemen, detectives, aliens etc have all been done repeatedly.  Then I wondered if there had ever been an adventure game that put you in the role of a troll - maybe there has been, but I couldn't think of one.  Also I'd recently read Mathion: Book One of the Mavonduri Trilogy, which seeks to establish an entirely new mythology for werewolves.  That made me think that trolls are a rather chronically under-written species - they're just portrayed as strong, dumb brutes all the time.  What if that wasn't really what trolls were like?  What if they use uncomplicated language, yes, and are incredibly strong, but also have feelings not all that dissimilar to ours?  (I mean, even Hulk was given more characterisation sometimes...)  That was the beginning of the idea for the Troll Song saga.

So, enlisting Tino Bensing as my programmer and artist, after having worked with him on Unga needs Mumba (to be released in January 2012, probably - it's possibly partly my fault for encouraging him to release it with a full voice pack, though he'd probably have done that anyway) -  and I have a musician lined up, but that's for another time when the game's getting closer to release.  It's also pretty ironic that I was about to release this when Pixel Hunt, a group made up of members of the AGS community, released their first ever song - also called, bizarrely enough, Troll Song!

But back to the game... the basic storyline revolves around a plot by an alchemist to destroy the entire troll race, by turning them back into "dead stone" - entombed forever in the mountains from which they were hewn.  The motivation goes back to something that happened at the very dawn of the trolls' existence... but for now all we need to know is that the player character, Clod, is given a chance to save himself and the troll race.  Later on he'll team up with a  hobgoblin, who is also an outcast, as they find out that the plot involves far more than the future of the trolls alone...

No specific release date as yet, but I'll post more news as the game progresses...

The first episode will be called Completely Stoned, and starts with 3 shady characters meeting for the last time; gameplay starts with Clod brought back to consciousness due to an avalanche, needing somehow to escape and find a way out of the mountain..

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