Friday, 19 December 2014

Teaser Trailer Launched

Here it is! :-D

If anyone wants to embed this in their blog / own YouTube channel, the MP4 can be downloaded from the PRESS page.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Troll Song featured in AdventureGamer's write-up of Adventure-X 2014

Look, I hope you're ready for this... if you can ever be truly ready for the sheer horror below...

Yes this is our artist, Andrea Ferrara, and game designer, Dave Seaman, at Adventure X.  You can't see too clearly but I had Troll Song running on my creaky laptop.

In case you wondered, yes that's a Darth Vader helmet and the word underneath "I am your" is "Father" on my T-shirt.  When among geeks, dress like a geek.  (Well... I am a geek anyway :-d)  What Andrea's wearing. however, I really have no idea really!

"The game tells the story of a group of four trolls as they try to avert the extermination of the troll race, which is far more civilised than one would expect from their outward appearance"

"the graphics have been given a subtle upgrade that improves the look"

"Whilst Team Disaster's Dave Seaman boasted that his own silly voices from the original were praised by at least one eager fan, the voice-overs have been redone for the new version and do represent an improvement"

Check out the full write-up on - Troll Song is the last game featured on Page 1.

Also feel free to check out my own write-up of Adventure-X 2014.

Teaser trailer launch on Friday

Just a quick bit of news for you - we'll be launching our new Teaser Trailer on Friday.  That's right, only 2 days time.

But, I hear you cry, why not today?  Why not now?!

Well, dear reader, there is a reason.  We are expecting to be featured on sometime today, so it felt like a bit of overkill to release the trailer today.  Also we want to keep the PR rolling if at all possible, so having something come out today and then something else on Friday / over the weekend seemed like a good idea.

Really pleased with the trailer, I think you'll like it when you see it!  
Big props to Jesse Lowther who not only voices Clod in the game and the narrator in the trailer, but also put the trailer together from my script, and did a fantastic job of it.